Kressling company was founded by two young artists in 2007, who presented their activities as Kressling Gallery at Grössling street, Bratislava. The name “Kressling” was derived from the original name of the Grössling street and its history: the Danube river used to have an arm running through this street, which later had a name Kressling Veg. That was a predecessor of today’s Grössling street.

Kressling Gallery has the ambition to work in the sector of commercially sold art and to present high-quality Slovak art. This ambition remained to these days present. Kressling Gallery has become a leader thanks to the quality of its presentations, as well as thanks to its uniqueness – there were practically no commercial galleries when Kressling Gallery was founded.

The gallery later moved to Ventúrska street and a new team consisting of Viktor Frešo and Dana Škodná was formed. The gallery was prospering in the commercial art sales, as well as in professional circles. The Kressling Gallery office in the city center was closed in 2011, and the gallery moved to a private sector, focusing on expert advice, art rental, sales, world art fairs, and art production.

A new showroom is open since 2017. The showroom is located at Drotárska cesta 24, Bratislava – right among studios of the most influencing Slovak artists. Clients can get expert advice on selling and buying art, and see exposed art, as well as retro furniture made by most significant – mostly Czechoslovak – designers.

Kressling’s new premises is a place for a more versatile presentation of a well-defined taste of the society, and at the same time will bring art and design into one aesthetic whole under the leadership of Dana Škodná